Skinny & Co. makes fragrance-free products for the chemically sensitive

Skinny & Co. makes fragrance-free products for the chemically sensitive

You know we love essential oils and the aromatherapy benefits they provide to our customers. That’s why the majority of our products contain essential oils; we know they help people in a variety of ways.

But here’s the thing: we also know that there are some people who have “chemical sensitivity”, meaning products that contain a fragrance or scent may trigger health issues.

Understanding fragrance-free products

First thing’s first: there’s a difference between unscented and fragrance-free products. The reality of the situation is that unscented products are products that can contain chemicals or “fragrance agents” that mask other products. That’s hardly “chemical-free”.

Instead, fragrance-free products are the products you want to buy. Unscented products usually contain toxic phthalates (which we have sworn to never use!) to mask smells whereas fragrance-free products do not. And, in our case, that means an even more natural, pure products than you might have realized.

What it means to be chemically sensitive

If you’re not sure what it means to be chemically sensitive, we’ll explain. In many cases, people are told by their doctors to avoid fragrances and chemicals as they can trigger health issues and symptoms that range from asthma to allergies, migraines, or conditions. (Case in point: up to 72 percent of people who suffer from asthma have reported that their asthma is triggered by fragrance. This can lead to difficulties in the work environment, receiving medical care, or doing everyday activities out in public as they have to avoid other people’s fragrances.)

So, while using fragrance-free products might be for your own benefit due to your health concerns, using fragrance-free products can also be the mindful thing to do if you have a friend or loved one who suffers from chemical sensitivity for any number of reasons.

Fragrance-free Skinny & Co. options

We want everyone to live their best, healthy lives. If that means avoiding fragrances, we have options that can work for you. First, our standard Skinny Coconut Oil is completely free of fragrant essential oils and is as pure as can be for your cooking endeavors. Next, moms need not worry about fragrances when they use Pure Baby on themselves or their babies. And finally, if it’s a beauty product you’re seeking, our Pure Beauty Coconut Oil and Marula Argan Body Melt are the best options for your needs.

To learn more about what makes our products different and pure, head here.

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