The Skinny on Shampoo Bars

The Skinny on Shampoo Bars

If you're familiar with our Shampoo Bar, then you know how it is primarily used - as shampoo. It does an amazing job of ridding your hair of buildup and chemicals that dull the shine of your locks, and it lathers like no other shampoo on the market. BUT - did you know this versatile product takes the place of many of your bath/shower products? Read on to find all the ways you could be using this ultimate travel companion!

We are living in the age of multitasking. And we excel at it! We make phone calls while cooking, listen to podcasts while running, send emails from the waiting room - we are all searching for ways to get the most from our time.

Here at Skinny & Co. we pride ourselves in offering products that are clean, simple and transparent, but an added bonus is the versatility of our products! Let's focus today on our Shampoo Bar, and learn all the ways we use this amazing product.

Favorite Uses:

• Shampoo - Our Shampoo Bar is superior in cleaning our hair and removing buildup from the products we use to style and maintain our hair. It strips away the chemicals from our locks, leaving them clean and pure. But don't worry - it is safe for color-treated hair, and protects your color. In addition, it produces a rich, silky lather that is easy to work into your hair. 

• Body Wash - Have you noticed that our Shampoo Bar looks like a bar of soap? It can also be used to wash your skin during a bath or shower. The rich lather washes away the dirt and residue from your day, while leaving your skin protected and moisturized.
• Shaving Cream - Yes, you can use your Shampoo Bar for shaving! Because it is made with a coconut oil base, it provides a barrier between your skin and the razor. Use the lather as you would your shaving cream, and remove unwanted hair anywhere on your body. BONUS - it makes your shaves last longer! Try it, you will be amazed at how long you can wait between shaves!

• Travel - The best way to use our Shampoo Bar is when you are traveling. Leave behind your shampoo, your soap/body wash, and your shaving cream, and only pack this versatile bar. It is TSA friendly, and will leave room for other essentials - like that third pair of shoes!


Check out this video to hear all about our 3 fragrances of Shampoo Bars, and what benefits you can expect from each:  

If you're only using your Shampoo Bar for shampoo, you are truly missing out! And you are wasting precious times switching products. Available in three fragrances, there is an option for everyone. So make the switch today, and refresh your bath/show routine!

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