Explore Your Natural Beauty

Explore Your Natural Beauty

When you open a jar of Skinny Coconut Oil, it's like stepping into the jungle. All of our beauty products are made with 5 or less ingredients and contain our 100% raw Skinny Coconut Oil. Unlock the raw, natural beauty inside you with Skinny Coconut Oil.

Filled with the best so you can be your best

We stuff twelve of our wild-harvested, handpicked coconuts into each sixteen ounce jar of our Skinny & Co. Coconut Oil. Our coconuts are not just cold-pressed, but cold-processed. Each jar takes three times longer than other processes.

Are you a health-conscious individual?

You'll love our 100% chemical-free, pure, pH balanced coconut oil. Our coconuts are wild-harvested and handpicked. Our patented Nutralock System™ enables us to extract coconut oil in a way that retains all the goodness that nature intended.

Our mission is to help you change the world

Skinny & Co. is a lifestyle brand committed to helping you live a healthy, chemical-free life by creating natural products that are completely pure, with no chemicals or additives. We believe that when you are healthy, you will be inspired to help others.

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