Can you use coconut oil for stretch marks?

Can you use coconut oil for stretch marks?

With the joys of having a new baby join your family comes the inevitable changes mom’s body will face. Fortunately, if you understand what’s happening with your body, you can’t understand how to handle these changes. For many new mommies, that often leads to search for the best stretch mark cream.

What causes stretch marks?

The good news is that you’re not alone when it comes to experiencing stretch marks. Stretch marks often develop on both men and women during puberty due to rapid growing which leads to their skin being pulled and stretched. Skin is meant to be elastic, but if it’s overstretched due to rapid growth, the production of collagen is disrupted. This leads to fine line scars which are commonly referred to as stretch marks.

Unfortunately, ladies, you are more likely to develop stretch marks over time than men are. You’ll generally find them on your breasts, thighs, hips, and butt. And, the fact of the matter is that the growth your body experiences during pregnancy can lead to additional stretch marks in these same common areas.

Do stretch marks go away?

If you find yourself wondering if stretch marks ever go away, you’re in luck. Some stretch marks disappear on their own after childbirth or weight loss, while others may fade or become less noticeable.

If you notice that this isn’t the case for you over time, however, there are some things you can do: both during and after pregnancy. (Prevention is always the best medicine!)

Coconut oil for stretch marks

While it’s not possible to fully remove stretch marks by using coconut oil or any other stretch mark cream on the market, coconut oil does have its benefits!

Coconut oil can improve the appearance of your skin, may help reduce how noticeable your stretch marks are, and can help promote the healing of damaged skin. In fact, studies have shown that coconut oil can promote collagen turnover in wounds, promoting wound healing. Considering that the disruption of collagen causes stretch marks in the first place, it makes sense that coconut oil is a benefit to your skin in these cases.

When to use coconut oil for stretch marks


As soon as you know you’re pregnant, we suggest you start your skincare regimen. After all, the best way to care for stretch marks is to try and prevent their formation to begin with. You can do so by applying coconut oil to the parts of your body that are growing as your baby does. This works because coconut oil helps keep your skin hydrated, which can make it more elastic and, therefore, less prone to stretch marks. It also absorbs into your skin due to its lauric acid content, which can help with collagen production.

Heal and improve appearance

The anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil can help reduce healing time of existing stretch marks. Coconut oil can also improve skin appearance by lightening stretch marks and making them less visible.

Pure Baby for mom and baby

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