Coconut oil for cats: is it safe?

Coconut oil for cats: is it safe?

 Coconut oil is more than OK for your friendly canine friend, but have our blogs made you wonder about your other furry housemate? Don’t worry, we’re here to answer your question!

Can you give cats coconut oil?

The answer to this one is easy: yes! Coconut oil is safe to give cats, and even better than that, it can actually benefit cats in a number of ways. As with dogs, however, make sure not to over do it with the coconut oil for cats.


  • Skin issues: Your cat’s allergies, dry skin, and itchiness can be alleviated by coconut oil.
  • Coat health: Coconut oil can improve overall coat health. And while we’re at it, it can also help with hairballs.
  • Internal health: You can give your cat’s immune system a healthy boost with coconut oil while also ensuring their stomach is also healthy.
  • Bad breath: In the same way that it helps humans and dogs, coconut oil can improve oral health and improve bad breath.
  • Inflammation and healing: Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory qualities that can help with reducing arthritis and healing bug bites.

How to give cats coconut oil

Just like with dogs, you can give cats coconut oil in two ways: orally or topically. If you’re going the first route, you have a couple of options. First, you can offer your cat coconut oil directly; some enjoy the taste and are perfectly willing to lick from a spoon or your hand. Another option is to mix it in with their wet or dry food. This is the obvious option for pickier eaters.

You can also use coconut oil topically on cats. If your cat has a cut on his skin or is itchy or is experiencing dryness, simply rub a small amount of coconut oil onto the affected area. Of course, there is also the option of using Skinny Paw, our pet shampoo that we recently released. Using Skinny Paw can help with existing skin and coat issues and prevent them in the future if regularly used.

Final thoughts

Have you used coconut oil to help your cats? How did it go? Leave us a comment below or tag us in a picture on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and tell us all about your experience!

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