Coconut oil for dogs and their itchy skin

Coconut oil for dogs and their itchy skin

By now, we all know that coconut oil for dogs is safe to use in a variety of ways and that it can help with digestion and can improve the quality of their coat. But did you know that another beneficial use for coconut oil is relief for a dog’s itchy skin?

In a few minutes’ time, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to help your furry friend find relief.

What causes a dog’s itchy skin?

Here’s a not-so-fun fact for you: dogs suffering from itchy skin (also known as pruritus) make up approximately 40 percent of vet visits related to skin problems. The non-stop itching can result in loss of sleep (for both pet and pet parent!), general discomfort, skin lesions, infections, and hair loss.

In order to identify why your dog is so itchy, it’s important to understand common causes for pruritus.

Dog allergies

One of the most common reasons a dog might itch is allergies, whether those be caused by fleas, environmental factors, or food.


Flea bites irritate the skin, and for dogs with a flea allergy, the irritation is extra bothersome. Fortunately, once you treat your flea problem (meaning both in home and on your pet), the cause of the itching will likely cease.

Environmental factors

In this case, allergens can be inhaled or absorbed directly directly through the skin (for example, through exposure to grass), resulting in atopy. Some dogs who suffer from atopy will require medication or special care to manage their allergy.


Food allergies are much less likely to cause a skin irritation or itchiness when compared to these other allergy types. In most cases, a hypersensitivity to a protein that the body misidentifies as a threat is to blame for this type of allergy. You’ll need to speak with your veterinarian to understand your pet’s history and identify the food allergy. From there, transitioning a dog to a different food without their allergen is the way to go to alleviate any issues that were caused.

Sores and hot spots

Just like humans, dogs can get bit by any number of bugs, and as a result, their skin becomes irritated and itchy. Of course, dogs most commonly experience bug bites from external parasites such as mites or fleas. Bacterial infections and hot spots (also known as moist dermatitis), can also cause itching and can spread quickly. Of course, before you seek natural treatment options, we recommend you address any new or strange sores with your veterinarian.

Coconut oil for dogs and their skin

Being that coconut oil is perfectly safe for dogs, it’s an easily accessible and cost effective option for treating your dog’s itchy skin. This is why.

Lauric acid

Coconut oil is made up of lauric acid, a medium-length long-chain fatty acid (also known as a lipid) that has antimicrobial benefits. It helps fight bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and other pathogens. This is great for healing the sores and issues that are causing your dog’s itchy skin to begin with.

Topical treatment

While your vet may recommend treatment that needs to be taken orally, coconut oil also offers the benefit of topical relief. In fact, its anti-inflammatory properties been known to help offer topical relief for hot spots, bug bites, and itchy skins by improving damaged skin and reducing allergens.

Skinny Paw offers preventative care and relief

As we stated in our introduction post for Skinny Paw, our coconut oil pet shampoo is made from a single ingredient, saponified coconut oil, which is blended with the highest quality essential oils available today, to create the healthiest and safest pet wash on the market. Because your pet’s skin has a lower pH than that of human skin, pets need a lower pH soap to make sure the pH balance of their skin isn't thrown out of balance. While most soaps have a pH of 8 or 9, Skinny Paw uses physically refined coconut oil, making it a much more pet-friendly soap than most on the market.

With that quality in mind, it makes sense why using Skinny Paw as your regular pet shampoo can help prevent itchy dog skin and can also provide healing benefits to dogs who are already suffering from pruritus.

Isn’t it time you make your first purchase and change the way you treat your dog’s itchy skin?

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