Our Rose Jojoba Body Melt won an award!

Our Rose Jojoba Body Melt won an award!

We recently had the great honor of being part of Think Dirty’s 2018 Dirty Thinkers’ Choice Awards and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome!

About the Dirty Thinks’ Choice Awards

Think Dirty loves celebrating clean product change-makers in the beauty industry; as a maker of clean products, we really identify with their mission.

For the 2018 Dirty Thinkers’ Choice Awards, more than 4,500 Dirty Thinkers voted through the Think Dirty app and on social media for their favorite clean beauty products. The exciting news it that we won first place in one of the categories! (Spoiler alert: we took second place in two additional categories.)

What we won

This year, we were fortunate enough to be voted as Best Body Lotion for our Rose Jojoba Body Melt. These were the sweet words our friends at Think Dirty had to say about our Body Melt: “This unique body lotion won voters over with its coconut oil based formula. It replenishes your skin’s natural ability to heal and correct imperfections. This body melt is perfect for dry winter skin!”

We’re just as flattered to have gotten recognition in two other categories. Our Clarifying Facial Cleansing Balm received second place for Best Acne Treatment. Additionally, our Vanilla Sugar Facial Scrub took home silver in the Best Exfoliator category.

Final thoughts

A lot of other great companies and products got love in the 2018 Dirty Thinkers’ Choice Awards; check ‘em out! To read Think Dirty’s full write up on the award winning products, head here.

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