Understanding coconut oil price

Understanding coconut oil price

Here at Skinny & Co. we commonly get asked, "What is the difference between your coconut oil and other virgin coconut oil that is said to be cold pressed and never heated?” The follow-up question commonly being, “Why is yours more expensive?"

What makes Skinny Coconut Oil different?

In order to really explain the difference in coconut oil prices, it’s important to know what makes Skinny Coconut Oil different from other coconut oils. We’ll start with the main points:

  • Fresh: Our factory lies deep within the jungles of Vietnam, amidst the coconut palm trees.
  • Raw: Our coconut oil is never heated above room temperature, which ensures it is 100% raw.
  • Unique: Our patented Nutralock System™ uses almost triple the amount coconuts as other brands and takes up to 3 times as long to craft.

Understanding extraction methods

Other commercial coconut oils use an extraction method that raises the temperature of the oil, which yields more oil per coconut but diminishes the oil’s nutritional value. Then, they cold-press the oil. The problem with this method is that the oil is no longer technically raw, as anything heated over 115 degrees Fahrenheit is considered by most raw food advocates to be "cooked". Further, the very important medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) and lauric acid along with the other fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals lose much of their potency and their ability to accomplish all of the wonderful benefits of truly raw coconut oil.

The benefits of raw coconut oil

Raw coconut oil like our own Skinny Coconut Oil has shown positive impacts on metabolisms, balancing blood sugars, and killing Candida, bacteria, viruses, and a host of other amazing results. The reason for this very well could be because the medium-chain fatty acids and lauric acid remains intact as a result of never being heated.

Other coconut oils aren't able to compete in these areas because most other oils come from large manufacturing factories where they are processing millions of gallons of oil per year. The United States FDA allows companies to add up to 20% of other oils and byproducts and still consider a product 100% “pure”.

Final thoughts

Skinny & Co. is a small, family-run company making coconut oil that looks, smells, feels, and tastes different than other products on the market in the U.S. As a result, of our patented extraction process as well as our focus on producing high quality, raw coconut oil, Skinny Coconut Oil costs a bit more. We strongly believe, however, that the higher cost is more than justified by the higher quality.

If you haven’t tried Skinny Coconut Oil, we’d love for you to give it a try! Smell, feel, and taste the difference.

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