3 Simple Steps For Gorgeous Hair

3 Simple Steps For Gorgeous Hair

You’ve probably heard, coconut oil is the official “do everything” product, but you may still be wondering how you can incorporate it into your beauty routine. While there are many ways to use this seemingly magical elixir, one of our favorites is to achieve gorgeous, lustrous hair without expensive trips to the salon or chemical treatments. Read on if you want your hair to look better than ever in just 3 steps!

Beat Build Up, Naturally

Switch out your regular shampoo for a coconut oil shampoo bar. You’ll not only ditch the toxins, you’ll be ridding your hair of the build up that dulls shine and zaps volume. We won’t lie, the first couple of days can be a little rough as your hair adjusts, but you must power through- it will be worth it, we swear! This is your chance to try out that slouchy hat you’ve been dying to incorporate into your fall look.

Shining Results, Overnight

A coconut oil hair mask is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get your hair on track. Both nourishing and reparative, coconut oil can be used alone, or you can blend it with another ingredient for specific results. Want shinier hair? Add some crushed strawberries. Hair on the thin or fine side? Add rosemary oil to thicken shaft and stimulate hair follicles. Or, mix with honey to smooth and repair dry or damaged locks.

Simply blend desired ingredients in a 2:1, coconut oil to added ingredient ratio and apply to hair, starting at the scalp and working through to the ends. Wrap in a shower cap or old towel or t-shirt and let sit for at least an hour. Many people let it stay on overnight. Rinse with hot water and dry and style as normal. 

Finishing Touches

Once you’ve shampooed and done the appropriate treatment mask, style hair using a very small amount of coconut oil, warmed in hands, to smooth hair root to tip. Coconut oil is a perfect solution for fly aways when trying to create a smooth bun or ponytail.

It really is so easy to achieve great results with just one product, so give it a try! You'll have great looking hair and you'll save time and money. 

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