Coconut Oil for Hair!

Coconut Oil for Hair!

There are few remedies you can buy to stimulate and regenerate hair growth that actually work. And anyone who has tried these before, you know you have to “buy” them. The expense of these therapies are often ridiculous and not affordable.  So if you could find a product that has shown to grow hair, protect your scalp and strengthen existing hair, all while conditioning and softening your hair, would you buy it? Actually, don’t answer that question. Let Skinny Coconut Oil answer it for you.

There are multiple ways in which coconut oil helps with your hair.  It is not just the growth, but also the overall health of your scalp, follicles and existing hair.  Here’s how it works:

 -       One of the major components of coconut oil, lauric acid, is a fatty acid that binds hair proteins thus helping protect roots and preventing hair breakage. A study conducted in 2003 revealed that coconut oil could reduce or prevent hair protein loss more effectively than mineral and sunflower oils, which are the most common oils used in hair care products.

-       Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer. It has the ability to penetrate the hair shaft, healing and conditioning from within. That moisture also protects your hair from heat and other environmental impurities.

-       It can protect your scalp against dandruff and lice, which both can hinder hair growth. This is due to coconut oil containing antibacterial and antifungal properties.

-       The nutrients are key! Coconut oil is chalked full of nutrients like iron, vitamin E and vitamin K. These aid in your hair shine and softness and also help with dandruff, another major cause of hair loss and limited growth.

-       Massaging your scalp with coconut oil also increases blood circulation. Improving this allows your follicles to receive the required amount of nutrients and oxygen, leading to hair growth.

How To Apply

Based on personal preference, there are two ways to apply coconut oil in your hair care routine, before or after washing. Those with straight or wavy hair should generally apply before washing, while those with thicker or curly hair should apply after. This is because thicker hair tends to absorb quicker and doesn’t leave as much of a greasy look.

You want to apply the oil to the scalp. This is where the hair grows from and you will get the greatest benefit from doing so. Before shampooing, apply generously to the scalp and gently rub the oil into your skin. Make sure to cover your whole scalp and continue to massage it in for five minutes. You then want to apply it to the rest of your hair, from the root to the ends. Let the oil set in your hair for at least 30 minutes, up to four hours if you have severe breakage problems or are trying to get the most benefits. You can even apply before bed and keep it in overnight. Wash out with regular shampoo after treatment.

Post-wash treatment isn’t for everyone, especially for those whose hair is protein sensitive. If you have problems with split-ends or dry hair though, apply coconut oil to your ends when your hair is dry. The oil could also be used as a pomade substitute to style hair while using something healthy to do it.

Yes, coconut oil is good for your hair, but not all coconut oils are created equal. Skinny Coconut Oil will maximize all the paybacks of using the oil in your hair.  Our oil is the only 100% pure coconut oil on the market, ensuring all the benefits of the coconut come straight to you! We can offer you all these amazing benefits for just $25 a jar, much less than other hair remedies you’ll find, and we stand by our product! Pick up a jar today and see first hand all we can offer! 

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