What is Raw Coconut Oil?

What is Raw Coconut Oil?

The raw food diet is based on the premise that heat destroys the most important nutrients and enzymes in food especially those that boost metabolism and fight chronic disease. Those on a raw food diet only eat uncooked, unprocessed and mostly organic food. Foods below 105 degrees are believed to have much higher enzyme and nutritional values keeping food "all-natural" and raw like nature intended. Raw fruits and vegetables are their primary source of food.

Skinny Coconut Oil is 100% raw and approved for the raw food diet (to be considered “raw”, coconut oil must not be genetically engineered (chemically altered), heated or exposed to pesticides.)

NEVER EXPOSED TO PESTICIDES Skinny Coconut Oil come from coconuts that are always handpicked by locals from the jungles of Ben Tre province in Vietnam. We do not grow coconuts in a controlled (we don’t use pesticides) environment.

NEVER HEATED Skinny Coconut Oil is cold-pressed, ensuring that the most important nutrients like Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs) and Lauric acid are kept intact. This also makes it highly alkaline – a world exclusive!

NEVER CHEMICALLY ALTERED We operate on a small, controlled environment and do not rush the extraction process. Skinny Coconut Oil is never heated above 105 degrees. Most manufacturers apply heat to speed up the extraction process and claim that their coconut oil is cold-pressed.

We also do not add any other product into our coconut oil. Some manufacturers incorporate cheaper oils to lower production costs and increase profits but are still able to market their product as 100% pure because of the 20% variance allowed by the FDA in products marketed as 100% pure.

Skinny Coconut Oil is one of the only coconut oils that is approved for the raw food diet. It is crafted using a unique Nutralock System™ ensuring the oil is 100% pure and raw just like nature intended. 

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