Step Up Your Father’s Day Game With Skinny & Co.

Step Up Your Father’s Day Game With Skinny & Co.

It is almost the day to set aside just for dad to thank him for all of the hard work he does on a daily basis. Father’s Day is not just for fathers. It is for a grandfather, brother, husband, or the man who showed you unconditional love and guidance. Showering dad with gifts can be difficult sometimes. But, step up your game with some Skinny & Co. gifts. They are practical and effective - great for getting the job done! Here are five ideas that we think would be perfect for dad. 

  1. Limited Edition Green Tea Mint Raw Soap: Forget the flowery perfume found in regular body soaps. This raw beauty is made with our 100% raw, alkaline Coconut Oil, and it is infused with therapeutic grade essential oils. Mixed with palm oil and glycerin, these are natural binding agents that moisturize the skin. It is also made with actual pieces of green tea and mint to not only get the scent but also the anti-bacterial properties of the green tea and the peppermint aids with troubled skin.
  1. Lip Tube: Our Skinny & Co. Lip Balm is now available in a tube! It is amazing for the on-the-go dad. It is the natural way to give rough, chapped lips some love. It helps keep lips hydrated in the cold months, and also Coconut Oil is a natural SPF, so it protects lips in the summer.
  1. Facial Oil: Our Facial Oil seems catered to our ladies out there, but it has a place on a man’s bathroom counter too. It serves as a three-in-one product. It helps cleanse the face from any free radicals, dirt, and sweat collected throughout the day. Next, it deep cleans the face and washes away extra oils from the pores. After, it leaves the face moisturized and it helps repair the skin overnight. Cleaning the skin with oil to get rid of oil may seem counterproductive, but it actually is a gentle remover of oils that build up without stripping the skin, still leaving it hydrated.
  1. Oil Pulling: Oil Pulling is an ancient practice that is still used today. Using our Oil Pulling is the best choice for healthier teeth and gums. Since our Coconut Oil is alkaline, it will not harm the enamel on your teeth or dental fillings like other acidic coconut oils. Oil Pulling is shown to increase overall oral health like refreshing your breathe, removing plaque, and whitening teeth. A short five to twenty minutes at least twice a week can lead to a healthier smile without the burn of traditional mouthwashes.
  1. Coconut Oil: Our Skinny & Co. Coconut Oil is what we build our product foundation on. It has many functional purposes from a natural coffee creamer to a moisturizer for your skin. It also could have a home on a workbench, because it is also a substitute for WD-40.

Instead of the classic socks or chocolate for Father’s Day, we suggest thinking outside the box. We know that no tangible gift could measure up to what dad means to us, but we hope these products tell him that he is thought of every day of the year. And when you are ordering something for dad, grab an extra one just for you! There’s always free domestic shipping over $30.

If you have more ideas using our products for dad, let us know!

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